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Finnish ambassadors to Ireland

Embassy of Finland, Dublin

Alexander Thesleff, Brussels envoy  1961-1963
Olavi Murto, Brussels envoy 1963-1964
Sigurd von Numers, the Hague envoy 1964-1965
Sigurd von Numers, the Hague ambassador 1965-1970
Paul Gustafsson, the Hague ambassador 1970-1973
Henrik Blomstedt, the Hague ambassador 1973-1978
Ensio Helaniemi, the Hague ambassador 1978-1983
Matti Häkkänen, the Hague ambassador 1983-1987
Osmo Lares, the Hague, from 1989 based in Dublin ambassador 1987-1991
Ulr-Erik Slotte ambassador 1991-1996
Timo Jalkanen ambassador 1996-2001
Pekka Oinonen ambassador 2001-2005
Seppo Kauppila  ambassador 2005-2009
Pertti Majanen ambassador 2009-2013
Hilkka Nenonen ambassador 2013-2015
Jaana Teckenberg ambassadör 2016-

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