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News, 27/06/2016

Feeling at home

Photo: Juliana Harkki/Yle Kuvapalvelu

“Husu” first came to Finland in the 1990s as a Somali teenager. After overcoming obstacles in integrating, he has become a spokesman for the immigrant population..

Journalist, interpreter, politician and social pedagogue… Abdirahim “Husu” Hussein is a man of many roles but there is one main reason that he gets out of bed each morning: “To make the world a better place,” he declares. “I’m changing one person at a time. But before I change anyone, I change myself; it’s about being a better human being every day. If I find a piece of glass lying on the street I make sure I remove it, so it won’t bother people that are coming after me.” This is an apt metaphor for the 22 years he has lived in Finland.

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Updated 27/06/2016

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