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Other services

Apostille certificate

In many countries the authenticity of an issued document is certified by Apostille certificate. No other form of certification or legalization is required. In Finland the Apostille certificate is issued by the Notary Public at the local Register Offices. There is a fee for the service.

Contact information of local Register Offices here.

In Ireland the Apostille certificate can be obtained from the consular section of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Dublin or Cork. There is a fee for the service. More information:Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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Temporary Tax-free Use of Motor Vehicles in Finland

A person permanently resident outside Finland may, on certain conditions, use a motor vehicle in Finland without having to pay car tax. The extent of the right to tax-free use depends on whether the vehicle has been imported for the person’s use (a so-called tourist car) or if it is used for business purposes.

More information: Finnish Customs

Temporary Tax-free Use of Motor Vehicles in Ireland

A person permanently resident outside Ireland may, on certain conditions, use a motor vehicle in Ireland without having to pay car tax.

More information: Revenue Irish Tax and Customs

Importation of Private Motor Vehicles as Removal Goods

Into Finland:

More information from Finnish Customs

Into Ireland:

More information from Revenue Irish Tax and Customs and

Winter tyres in Finland

Winter tyres must be used on passenger cars and vans during the winter. Also cars which are registered abroad have to use winter tyres if driven in Finland during the winter.

More information about the regulations: Liikenneturva

Traffic safety

In Finland:

In Ireland:

Please note! Traffic in Ireland drives on the left side of the road.

Abroad with a car

General information including the Green card i.e. the international certificate of valid motor liability insurance


Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre


Citizensinformation –service

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Certificate of Life (elossaolotodistus)

A Finnish citizen living abroad is, in certain cases (for the purpose of estate inventory, registration of title to a property), required to prove that he/she is alive for the Finnish authorities. The Embassy of Finland can issue a Certificate of Life (elossaolotodistus). Finnish Honorary Consuls and Notary Publics in Ireland can write Affidavit Certificates for the same purposes. In certain cases the local register office in Finland can issue Certificate of Life.

One must visit the Embassy of Finland in Dublin with proof of identity (passport) and address (utility bill etc.) to obtain this certificate. Fees apply. Please make an appointment by calling tel. 01-478 1344 or email

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Criminal records extract

In Finland private individuals can obtain an extract of criminal record for presentation to foreign authorities in order to get a visa, work permit, residence permit, or for other important reasons.  This extract is issued by Legal Register Centre and can be ordered through –internet service. The extract can be ordered in English. There is a fee for service.

In Ireland

garda vetting

criminal records extract (called Police Certificate) You can only get a Police Certificate in certain circumstances. They are not issued for employment or any other purpose. However, they can be issued for the setting up or registering a business in another EU member state.

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More information about divorce and parental responsibilities in EU member states is available from the European Commission’s webpage.

Information about divorce in Finland:

Information about divorce in Ireland:

Divorces granted to Finnish citizens in Ireland must be registered into the Finnish Population Information System. See Registering and reporting changes with the Finnish Population Information Service (divorce)

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Driving license

Traficom, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency has the authority to issue driving licences and other licences and permits required in road traffic to private individuals. Traficom's customer services are provided by the service points of Ajovarma Oy.

Ajovarma Oy can supply a duplicate driving license  to replace a Finnish license that has been lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen. An application for a duplicate of a driving license must be submitted personally at the service points of Ajovarma Oy and be accompanied by the appropriate fee.

A duplicate will not be issued if the holder of the right to drive has a permanent residence in another EU or EEA country. In this case you can order a driving license extract through the internet service

In Ireland one can apply for an Irish driving license through National Driver Licence Service.

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Extract from Finnish Population Information System (virkatodistus)

The Finnish Population Information System contains basic information about Finnish citizens and foreign citizens residing permanently in Finland.  Finland issues no birth certificates; residents are required to present an extract from the Finnish Population Information System. More information: Population Register Centre

Irish authorities often require a birth certificate. In Finland the corresponding certificate is an extract from the Finnish Population Information System. This extract can be ordered from the local register office (maistraatti). The extract can be issued in many different languages, including English, and can be posted abroad. Fees apply.

Please check with the person or organization that requires the extract for need of an Apostille certificate. This certificate can be affixed to the extract and be ordered at the same time as the exact. There is a fee for this certificate. More information please see Apostille certificate.

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A European firearms pass facilitates the movement of hunters, those participating in various kinds of shooting competitions and their firearms from one EU country to another. Individuals transporting a firearm or firearm component to another Member State by virtue of the firearms pass must, however, provide a reliable account of their participation in the shooting or hunting event.

In addition to the firearms pass and an invitation, some EU countries require that prior consent or some other permit must also be obtained from the destination country.

A European firearms pass is granted by the local police in the applicant’s municipality of residence on the basis of a verbal application.

Information about importing firearms to Finland:

Information about regulations and importing/exporting firearms to/from Ireland:

Firearm Certificates in Ireland:

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Identity card

As of 1 January 2017 a Finnish Identity Card enabling travelling can be applied from the Finnish Embassies that issue passports. Citizens carrying the identity card can travel within 28 European countries without a passport.

Valid identity cards issued to Finnish citizens (the blue card) can serve as travel documents in EU Member States, Liechtenstein, San Marino and Switzerland. In the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland) no travel documents are required; however, one must be able to reliably prove one’s identity when requested to do so.

The same (blue) card can be issued to a minor only with the consent of his or her guardian(s). Identity cards issued to a minor without the consent of his or her guardian(s) (purple card) or a foreign citizen (brown card), and temporary identity cards do not serve as travel documents.

If an identity card is lost or stolen in Ireland, it has to be reported to the local police (An Garda Síochána) and the police report has to be sent to the Finnish police.  Please remember that an identity card reported missing or stolen can only be used as a travel document after the card holder has been presented to the police and reported found.

More information about applying for a Finnish identity card: Passport or Finnish police

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Contact information of lawyers (advocates) in Finland: The Finnish Bar Association

Contact information of solicitors in Ireland: Law Society of Ireland

More information about the courts system and legal aid in Ireland can be obtained from internet service

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Marriage in Finland

Information about the ceremony and documents needed:

Civil ceremony can be obtained from the local register offices.

Religious ceremony can be obtained from the religious community in question.

Ireland does not issue the certificate of non-impediment to marriage, ie. certificate from their country of origin that they are free to marry, which the Finnish authorities require from non-Irish citizens.

Finnish citizens who permanently reside in Ireland, but wish to get married in Finland, can request an affidavit from the local Notary Public, in which he/she swears under oath that there are no impediments to marriage. This affidavit can be affixed with an Apostille-certificate issued by the consular section of Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The consular section of Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade issues the certificate of non-impediment to marriage or Certificats de Coutume required by Finnish authorities to an Irish citizen. More information Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, consular section.

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Marriage in Ireland

Marriage ceremonies are not performed at the Embassy of Finland.

For information regarding the requirements and necessary documents for marrying abroad, please contact the appropriate authority in the country where you are planning to be married.  For information about all the necessary preliminaries in Ireland, please contact The General Register Office Ireland.

For marriage outside Scandinavian countries Finnish citizens need to obtain a certificate of non-impediment to marriage from the Finnish authorities. The certificate is issued by the local register office  in the last place of residence in Finland.

Irish authorities require a birth certificate instead of a certificate of non-impediment to marriage. Finland does not issue certificates, but an extract from the Finnish population information service is issued for this purpose. One can request to have this extract issued in English. The extract is also required to have an Apostille certificate. This certificate has to be requested when ordering the extract. See the instructions on how to order the extract and Apostille certificate from the Finnish population information service.

Special permission granted by the Finnish Ministry of Education to Finnish Evangelical Lutheran church pastors abroad enables them to solemnise marriages in certain countries having Finnish pastors. This makes it possible for a Finnish pastor to solemnise a marriage according to Finnish law in certain countries. In Ireland there are no Finnish pastors with a special permission to solemnise a marriage. If you are interested in organising a wedding or any other service, please contact the Finnish Church in London, rector Marjaana Härkönen, marjaana.harkonen at or mobile phone 00 44 7976 521105.

In Ireland marriages solemnised according to Irish law and considered in valid in Ireland, are also valid in Finland.

Finnish citizens’s who marry abroad must register their marriage in Finland, see Registration of marriage abroad.

If the family name changes due to marriage, one must apply for a new passport under the new name, see How to apply for Finnish passport.

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Information about importing prescription medicine for personal medication:



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Military service in Finland

Every Finnish man is liable for military service (conscription). Military service includes conscription service, refresher training, extra service and service during mobilisation as well as participation in call-ups and the examination of fitness for service. Call-ups form the first concrete step into military service.

The civic duty of military service is defined in the law on conscription (Conscription Act). This duty affects all Finnish men and begins when a man turns 18. It also applies until l he reaches the age of 60. This means a man is liable for military service and that he is either in service, in the reserve or in the auxiliary reserve.

The Regional Office can free you from peacetime military service on special grounds if:

  1. you have Finnish citizenship and one or more other citizenships,
  2. your permanent address is not in Finland, and
  3. you do not have any real ties to Finland.

If you have dual citizenship but are still legally required to do Finnish military service, you can be relieved from military service if you have lived outside Finland for the last seven (7) years. In this case, you do not need to ask for separate permission to be freed from Finnish military service. You can, however, be ordered into military service if you move to Finland before the end of the year during which you turn 30.

More information: The Finnish Defence Forces

Voluntary military service for women

You must fulfill the following criteria to be accepted to carry out women’s voluntary military service. You must be a Finnish citizen, 18-29 years old, in good health and have other personal qualities that make you suitable for military training. Finnish women living abroad can also apply for military service.

More information: The Finnish Defence Forces

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Moving from one country to another requires a significant of amount of planning and preparation. A selection of useful links to Finnish and Irish authorities’ websites that have information about relocating are listed below:


Local register offices (maistraatti)
When must you submit notification of your return to Finland?

The Finnish Social Security Institution KELA looks after the social security of permanent residents living in Finland in different life situations. You must inform KELA when moving to or from Finland. Those who have permanently resided abroad and are now moving to Finland where they want to stay on a permanent basis must apply for coverage under the Finnish social security system. If you are moving to Finland from another EU member country, it is important to contact the social security institution in the former country of residence and request E- or U-forms. These enable the transfer of your social security benefits from one EU member country to another.

Finnish Tax Administration’s e-service through which tax cards can be ordered and one can obtain information about taxation in Finland. is the one-stop service website of the Finnish public administration. Serving Finnish citizens and permanent residents in Finland, the portal contains e-services and forms, information links, information packages, legislation, and news from the public administration.

Infopankki offers wealth of practical information in several different languages on what you need when you are moving to Finland.

Public Service Info

Public Service Info will direct you to the right public service and offer advice on the use of the services. The service is not intended for taking up official matters with authorities — instead, they will guide you to the correct authorities.

Finnish Immigration Service 
EU-citizens' registration of right of residence and residence cards for EU-citizens' family members who are not themselves EU-citizens. Renewal of residence cards. Residence permits of family members of Finnish citizens in certain cases.

Ministry of Employment and the Economy, employment services
Employment services to job seekers and useful information about working in Finland.

Ministry of Employment and the Economy
Foreigners working in Finland information package

Public service, which provides information about public services and entitlements in Ireland

Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service
EU-citizens family members’, who themselves are not EU-citizens, residence card application instructions.

Garda National Immigration Bureau
All non-nationals who are not citizens of a member state of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland, must register with An Garda Síochána and have a valid registration certificate in the form of a GNIB card with them at all times. EU-citizens do not have to register their right of residence in Ireland.

Intreo is a single point of contact for all employment and income supports, Jobs Ireland

Search engines for jobs in Ireland:

Revenue – Irish Tax and Customs
Information about taxation and customs

Welfare Ireland
Information for people coming to Ireland, returning to Ireland from another country and also leaving Ireland.​ It is important to know that if you leave Ireland to live and/or work in another country, you may be entitled to receive social security benefits in the country to which you are moving (U and E-forms).

Welfare Ireland, child benefit
Information on how to apply for child benefit in Ireland. When moving out of Ireland, the child benefit has to be cancelled. It is advisable to request the confirmation of cancellation in writing. This written confirmation will reduce the time necessary for processing an application for child benefit in Finland.

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Notarial services in the Finnish Embassies and Consulates

Finnish Embassies and Consulates provide notarial services, receiving and certifying certain official documents. These services carry a fee. For more information, please contact Embassy of Finland, tel. (01) 478 1344 or e-mail:

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Finnish citizens residing abroad can contact Kela which is Social Insurance Institution of Finland for information about national pensions.

Information about earnings related pensions: Finnish Centre of Pensions

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Information about importing pets

To Finland:Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira

To Ireland: Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

Public service info

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Registration of civil partnership

In Finland

The civil partnership ceremony is performed by the Director of the Register Office or the District Registrar. No witnesses are required. An investigation of impediments is carried out by the Register Office before the registration of civil partnership.

According to the civil partnership law, a civil partnership that has been registered in a foreign country is valid in Finland, if it is valid in the country where the civil partnership was registered.

More information:
Local register offices (maistraatti)

In Ireland

Civil Partnerships are registered in Ireland in The General Register Office.

Irish authorities require a birth certificate instead of certificate of non-impediment to marriage. Finland does not issue birth certificates, but an extract from the Finnish population information service is issued for such purposes. This extract can be issued in English on request. The extract is required to have an Apostille certificate. The Apostille certificate must be requested when ordering the extract. See the instructions on how to order extract and Apostille certificate from the Finnish population information service.

According to Irish law S.I. No. 649/2010 — Civil Partnership (Recognition of Registered Foreign Relationships) Order 2010 the civil partnership registered in Finland is recognized as a civil partnership in Ireland.

Registrations of civil partnership by Finnish citizens have to be registered in Finland, see Registration of civil partnership abroad.

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Contact details of Finnish translators can be requested from the Embassy of Finland, tel. (01) 478 1344 or email 

Search engine for the contact details of the members:
The Irish Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association


The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters
Search engine for the contact details of the members

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